My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Monday, September 2, 2013

School has started!

Oh my goodness. That is always how I sum up the first week of school.  I spent SO much time getting this organized, papers ready, desk ready and still it wasn't perfect for me.  However my students didn't notice and if they did I am sure they were just as nervous as me about the start of a new year.

We had a super busy summer. Grace had 2 eye surgeries and we took the girls to Disney World. Pictures of that will come later.  Just need to find the time. Kind of let my house go the last month of summer.  So this Labor weekend we have been laboring, in our house, getting it ready. We are thinking about selling it.... just thinking going to grab a hold of a lower interest rate first.  We have been in it for 8 years now, really need another bedroom. So we are cleaning, and going through things.... lots of things.  ;o)

Sewing table cloths for my sorority.

Grace's legs were too short, but still fit. So I made them into Capri's for her. Score on re-purposing them!


Some organization from my classroom. Still getting there.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Well I just posted a post and funny things are happening. I have no idea why all of the sudden my text is highlighted white! Sometimes blogger is VERY frustrating!!!  Yes I checked all the advanced settings, but they were the same as always AND when I tried to make changes my new post didn't change.  HUMMMFFFFFF!

I think it is time for bed!

Would love to win....

A blog I have been watching from afar is having a give away. Oh boy wouldn't I love to win this!! OhMyVera! is having a wonderful give away. Go check out her blog. She gives you very nice, full color and very specific photos to show you how all things vera bradley look.