My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chevron quilt

So even though  my last project took me forever. But in between that I did make 3 memory quilts,  table runner and countless things for the girls.

I started my nieces quilt tonight. I got the idea from Marcia and then watched the tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company using a layer cake. I just LOVE her tutorial. They are easy to follow, hear and see. Now my squares are 10.5" but in her video she says you can use any sized square ya want. I also have a pattern all colored coded with fabric samples on it. I will have to take a picture of it to show.

Tonight I was able to get FOUR rows done!  In just one hour. That was with all the cutting too.  WOW. I already love this quilt and have plans to make one more for good friend who is pregnant too!

here is what I got done tonight.

I haven't sewn the rows together yet. I need to make sure my squares are all even. I stopped before that. But for one hour of work, after the kids were fed and put to bed is pretty good. 

I won't get to work tomorrow night. Dance night and a school event.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get busy again.

Pinwheel Sampler isn FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!

So about a year ago I took a quilting class with Marcia to make my first half square triangle quilt. It has been a journey for sure!

I got my sampler from Connecting Threads.  It is a Rachel Griffith Design I love it! It took me a long time, one the kids kept me busy, I decided to have surgery, go to Disney World and a whole slew of other things within the year.

Before I got started I had a TON of the HST all made out. Don't these look so neat and ready to go?

So here is a few of my favorite blocks.

I am VERY proud of those points!  I can't tell you how this was a labor of love. I have been making the quilt for my Dad. It is all sailing fabric and themed.

here are my blocks ready to be sewn together.
There they sat, for some time. Seems I managed on 6 to make them short. I have no idea how I did that. Could it have been that I was sewing them after surgery, while on pain meds? Naw..  lol

But last night I finished her.  Here she is. It is ready to head over to Marcia's to be quilted!

Like my corners? That was a fabric shortage issue. I had all kinds of issues, but it turned out neat with the corners being that way.

Hair cut!!

I had to write this all down, cause I plan on printing this page and putting it in little bit's scrapbook.

This is Evelyn after her birthday. Notice the beautiful long hair?
Well it isn't like that anymore.  ;o(

We were cooking dinner. Evelyn wanted to borrow the safety scissors to cut some paper. (YES I know I gave them to her. I get it okay!)  Brad went to tell the girls dinner was ready. He came down with the new Brave Barbie doll and some red hair. Seems Evelyn had cut the Barbies hair, another Barbie and part of a Barbie pony's hair.

We are sitting at dinner and I asked her.  "So Evelyn did you cut anything else?)  This was the face I got.
See I had already kind of noticed it on her left. Her response was to turn to the right, shrug her shoulders and say, "I dunno, my hair... a little"

A LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not a little Evelyn!!!!!  WHY did you cut your hair!  I told you that scissors only cut paper!!!  Brad put his hand on my hand and went upstairs to see what he could find.  He came down with this.

Look at all those blond curls!!  She cut 2-3 inches off in a 3-4 inch space. I couldn't talk. I couldn't speak. It seemed so funny, I wanted to laugh, but I wanted to scream at the same time. I guess everyone in the room could feel my rage, anger, upset and sadness over her hair cutting. No one talked at the dinner table. Everyone ate their meal with not complaints.
Ms. Jenni, my fabulous hair dresser, was able to save the day. See her 4 yr old pictures were Saturday of that same week. It is about 3 inches shorter, but still blond and cute.

her 4 yr old pictures turned out well too!

But look at this sleeping angel. How can you stay mad at a kid like this? Well for a little bit you can!
Oh did I mention she cut some of Grace's hair too? Not much, and underneath in the back. I can't find where she cut it, but we did find this.

God via Dunn Bros

Our nights seems to be the same on the outside. We make dinner, have family time at the table, complete homework, sign reading logs, take baths, read stories and breath once the kids are asleep.

Yet things are a different looking. Many nights when we do homework, it isn't the same. Many nights I read her homework out loud to her, she then tells me what to put down. It is just easier on us and her. Less frustrating for all involved.

So to the title, God via Dunn Bros. I was having a hard week. Just when you think things can't be getting better you get a message. I believe that God sends them to us all the time, but are we always paying attention? So Dunn Bros was having a buy one skinny latte and get a second one free. They put these cute stickies on the mouth hole so your drink doesn't spill. They always have cute pictures or sayings.  Here were mine one day last week. Yup got both on the same day. Both were messages I needed to hear, see and keep in mind.

A day in the life of...

Sometimes I feel like, this can't be my family. Surely my girls would not make such a mess, and where on EARTH did she learn to talk like that. There are days that are down right hard and disappointing. You know that feeling? You think you are getting ahead or someone is really your friend. Only to find out the exact opposite is true?  So with that is mind here is some daily events in our house.

Channel our sweet yorkie is such a lap dog. This is how she sits most nights.

Umm you weren't trying to take a nap where you mom?  Yes dear I was....

Evelyn turned 4. Yup four years old, going on 16

Holiday's and more

December came with such a furry this year!  But here it is in a nutshell.

Grace participated in the 4-5th school choir.  She was an elf. Her teacher got a cute idea and stuck her on a shelf. He sent me a text saying, "My shelf on the elf." I included the picture in our Christmas cards it was too cute!

For my mother-in-law's Christmas present we took her to a book signing and bought the cook book. She loves the Pioneer Woman and Ree Drummond came to Houston. So off we went. She was really nice and it was a fun evenings.

Marcia, Brad's mother, made the girls some AWESOME quilts for Christmas. They are just stunning!

Where I have been!!! ALL OVER!!!!

I know it has been a L.O.N.G time since I posted, so I will try to catch you up to date on a lot of happenings.

October was great!  I made Grace and Brad matching Jedi Robes for Halloween. Every time she was asked what she wanted to be for Halloween that is all she said. I totally lucked out and found her a fabulous shirt that looked like a Jedi shirt.  Aren't they so cute?

Brad and I also got to attend our yearly Aggie game. I just love going back to College Station. Just love that place. After we saw the game, and got a little sunburned on one side, we headed to my favorite restaurant and had dinner. Wings n' More! I swear it taste better there. While eating I kept looking at the table next to us. "Brad I know that guy." Turns out it was Howard Matthews!  Awesome kid and comes from the district I teach in!

We also headed to my Uncle and Aunt's new place for a visit. We had fun there too. I just had to show these pictures of Evelyn and my Dad. Aren't her eyes so blue?

Grace had to have another eye surgery. This one was a tad on the scary side. They were not sure how it was going to turn out. Basically the scar tissue that took her left eye from her was acting up again in her right. To say that fall was a tense time of the year would be putting it lightly.  Here are some pictures after her surgery. She has taken this bear with her to almost all her surgeries since out of the NICU. Surgery Bear is her name. She even got a matching eye patch. Her doctors and nurses are the BEST!

We traveled to Grapevine for Thanksgiving this year in our new van. Okay I admit it! I am really starting to enjoy it. Just look how peaceful the trip was! Once there the girls got out my Grandmother's hats to play with. We watched old home videos and even saw me at Grace's age playing with the same hats.