My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hair cut!!

I had to write this all down, cause I plan on printing this page and putting it in little bit's scrapbook.

This is Evelyn after her birthday. Notice the beautiful long hair?
Well it isn't like that anymore.  ;o(

We were cooking dinner. Evelyn wanted to borrow the safety scissors to cut some paper. (YES I know I gave them to her. I get it okay!)  Brad went to tell the girls dinner was ready. He came down with the new Brave Barbie doll and some red hair. Seems Evelyn had cut the Barbies hair, another Barbie and part of a Barbie pony's hair.

We are sitting at dinner and I asked her.  "So Evelyn did you cut anything else?)  This was the face I got.
See I had already kind of noticed it on her left. Her response was to turn to the right, shrug her shoulders and say, "I dunno, my hair... a little"

A LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not a little Evelyn!!!!!  WHY did you cut your hair!  I told you that scissors only cut paper!!!  Brad put his hand on my hand and went upstairs to see what he could find.  He came down with this.

Look at all those blond curls!!  She cut 2-3 inches off in a 3-4 inch space. I couldn't talk. I couldn't speak. It seemed so funny, I wanted to laugh, but I wanted to scream at the same time. I guess everyone in the room could feel my rage, anger, upset and sadness over her hair cutting. No one talked at the dinner table. Everyone ate their meal with not complaints.
Ms. Jenni, my fabulous hair dresser, was able to save the day. See her 4 yr old pictures were Saturday of that same week. It is about 3 inches shorter, but still blond and cute.

her 4 yr old pictures turned out well too!

But look at this sleeping angel. How can you stay mad at a kid like this? Well for a little bit you can!
Oh did I mention she cut some of Grace's hair too? Not much, and underneath in the back. I can't find where she cut it, but we did find this.

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