My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School is back in session

Well I have taken a nice break for the summer. Traveled more than I have in the whole past 10 years. Seen history in action and sat in really old seats! I even attended a worship service at Westminster Abby. It was beautiful! Very moving too.  The best part of being in London, was that for the first time in 10 years just Brad and I spent quality time together. we missed the girls a lot and boy did they miss us. Evelyn scream cried at us when we got home. My other trips were facanting as a History teacher, learning about American History and going deeper with the causes and effects.

But school is back in session now. I have 23 little darlings and boy are the full of energy. I had many of them when I finished the year out in 2nd. So on a good note they felt really comfortable with me on the down side of that they are comfortable with me so they test the limits more.  ;o)

Well my feet are hurt and my eyes won't stay open much longer.  Happy almost first week is done and behind us!

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