My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cake, cake...CAKE

I am gearing up for Evelyn's party this weekend. We have a house full coming. So to save money and to use my fabulous decorating skills I am making both girls cakes this year. I am a pretty good baker if I don't say so myself, just hard at times with working all day, keeping the house clean and getting dinner ready.  But tonight I prevailed! I am a true Betty Crocker homemaker!  ;o) I have had plenty of time to brush up on my skills and tonight I started the process. I got my cakes baked and frosted, "dirty iced," as the Cake Boss puts it. They are in the fridge cooling and tomorrow I will begin the decorating. I will make my butter cream from scratch an spend more time than necessary getting just the right shade of pink.  here are a few pictures of my hard work.

A very busy counter. Separating egg whites, mixing and yes I bought my cake filling and frosting. What do you want from me?  ;o)

Bottom layer of the BIG cake all done and ready for filling.

Round two baking in the oven. Don't look too hard, someone needs to clean that oven.

Chocolate caramel filling.  YUMMY!

Evelyn's cake all filled and stacked. Ready to be frosted.

All done! I hope she enjoys getting her hands in this.

Big cake all done! Ready for butter cream decorating. That will have to wait till tomorrow.

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