My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Clearly People are just RUDE and rule breakers

Heads up, I am so ticked off right now I have had to wait a whole hour to post this.

I am SO tired of the following things
  • People NOT stopping at stop signs. Do they realize that they are there to protect them? Do they not realize that you can get a ticket for that? Or how about they could hit another car and kill someone? I mean where are you going in such a hurry that you can't take the time to stop and be safe? Is being in a hurry more important than your life?
  • People Running Red lights AND or gunning it at a yellow light. Being someone that has been in a horrible wreck due to someone running a red light this really frost my cookies. Once again that light is there for safety reasons. When the cops and the wrecker came for my car neither one could believed I walked away from that wreck unhurt. I know we are all in a hurry, so leave earlier people and be safer!! I get so mad a people running red lights I want to scream at them.
  • Excessive speeding. REALLY??? Um maybe you could leave earlier or get up earlier and then maybe you wouldn't have to speed so much. Excessive speeding causes a lot of accidents. Do you know what happens to your body when you are hit by someone going well over 80mph? I am sure it isn't pretty. I know what happened when my Honda was hit by someone going just 40. I shiver to think of what would happen if that girl had been going double that.
  • Small cars cutting me off in my BIG car. Ok my expedition weighs a lot and when you get that thing going 65mph it doesn't stop on dime. It takes my vehicle longer to slow down than your nice little 2 seater beamer.  So don't give me the finger when you cut me off and it takes me a little more time to stop. You were the one that didn't change lanes with the correct amount of space.
  • Texting, reading, applying makeup, on a computer while driving? Yes on a computer I have seen it. Put the gadgets down!!! How can you type a message, read a document for work AND drive? Just put the items down. Yes I am guilty of talking on my phone, but reading. Really? Reading? Once again what is more important getting your groove on for the night or your LIFE?
  • Checking out in the express lane and you have more than the 10 items listed on the sign.  This also really frost my cookies. Can people just not read? For the love of God either get less items or go to the correct check out lane. Cause I am following the rules and I was to ram my cart into yours or say something to when you are in front of me. One of these days I am sure I will be at my limit and I will.
I get that we all are in a hurry and we all have places to be, but I feel that my life is more important then being first or in a rush. I am too running late many mornings and have my kiddies in the back screaming and yelling or crying. I get it, but I just feel people should pay more attention, slow down a tad, put the stupid phone down and come to a complete stop.  ;o)

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