My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh the Horror!

So I worked so hard on Evelyn's cake. Brad drew out the design for me and I fulled my bags and started piping it out. It took me about 2 evenings total to do both the big cake and the smash cake. I put them safely in the fridge on Friday and headed to bed. We woke up Saturday and begin to get the house all ready.  My mother opened the fridge and asked, "What is wrong with the cake?" I ran over there to take a looked.

I was speechless! I couldn't scream, speak or even breath. It was ruined! A bag of breast milk had a whole in it and was placed on the shelf above the cake. It had slowly dripped all night and the cake was soaked through. The cardboard sheet the cake sat on was soaked. So I had my screaming fit and took the cake out. I cut off a piece and thought maybe it is only surface damage. I could have handled that, but nope the cake was soaked in the bottom layer.  ARG!!! I cried, oh man I cried.  I couldn't stop. My whole family just kind of stood there and watched me not knowing what to do. Brad slowly got a trash bag and helped me throw my hard work away.

I couldn't stop crying. I had to go get he balloons and decorate. Mom came to the rescue. She took me to SAMs to get a new cake. Once I got there there wasn't anything I wanted for Evie's cake. I just picked one they had and when I asked the bakery lady to write on it I started to cry again. So I told her the story and showed her a picture. They came to my rescue and made a new cake for us.

Evelyn's party was great. So many family members and close friends came to help us celebrate. I am pretty much over the whole cake thing, well maybe not totally.  ;o)

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  1. Hey there, I am so sorry that really bites! At least the party turned out good. Happy Birthday to Evelyn!