My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grouchy Old Men!!

Warning... The content in this message has really upset me, therefore I will begin a rant.  Oh and it is long! ;o)

Brad and I took the girls to Friday's for dinner tonight. It was nice and not crowded. Other couples were set around us, including another family with a small child. Evelyn was being good, occasionally she should shout out cause I wasn't feeding her fast enough. Just her normal grunt shout that she makes. There was an older couple in the corner and they didn't even talk to each other as they ate their meal.

So all of the sudden the manager is at the older couples table. He starts to complain about the food, still not talking to his wife, then he starts to comment that while he knows this is an upscale restaurant but it is hard to be placed next to all this screaming children when you are trying to eat. UM excuse me!  Did he just openly and very loudly complain about my child screaming! At first I thought I had heard wrong, so I blatantly stared at their table to hear the conversation better. He continues on his tirade about how loud my child has been and she is screaming. Um she isn't screaming I can show him screaming. Trust me if he really heard the lungs on this kid he wouldn't need his hearing aides any more.

We all continue our meal. Evelyn was really good, she was cute and smiling and every now and then, for a total of 4 times, she did her little shout out for more food or her bottle. Each time he would glare at our table I would give him my best southern women go to hell look right back. Think it ends here? NOPE!

Our/his waitress was waiting on the table across from him, giving them their food. While she is passing out their food he taps her on her back with his credit card and wants his bill now. She nicely ask him to wait just one minute and let her get all the food out. Well he wasn't standing for that! No siree! He wanted the manger again and right now. So I let Evelyn shout out again and let it last longer, YES ON PURPOSE!

Manager comes again and he is then very rude, goes on and on and on about my kids now. Umm Grace hasn't said a word, just her normal quite talk with her drawings. Dude he crossed the line. I had enough and Brad didn't even stop me, just nodded. He knew I was about to say something and didn't stop me at all. Tells you what he was thinking.

I then said loudly, "I am sorry if you find my children disturbing, I am doing the best I can to feed her fast enough." He said well, "I raised 4 kids and we never let them shout out at all. We got up from the table and left the restaurant."  I raised my eyebrow, "Well I am sure you children have turned out just a nice and considerate as you and your wife are." Other tables, whom were all couples with out kids laugh at this. Grouchy man then says, "You have a nasty mouth and are being rude and do not know how to raise  your children correctly."  I replied in my nice southern female voice, "Well isn't that nice. I am sorry that your are such a miserable person and forgot that Friday's was a family establishment and loud to begin with. You should have gone some where more upsale." No reply from him and he left.

Now we have taken both girls out of a restaurant and quickly for being loud and fussy. Evelyn was not fussy she was talking to use and saying her new word Uh-oh loudly. She wasn't crying, screaming or throwing a fit. She was pleasant and when she did hit her breaking point, I was done and got the girls and up we went.

I get it with kids in restaurants, been there. But really do you have to be mean about it? When the hostess was about to sit you down, why didn't you just ask for a different table away from the kids? That would not have bothered me at all. You can complain about me any day, mess with my kids and you are playing with fire. Who gave him the right to judge me and how I am raising my children? Judging me as a parent. Lets look at you Mr. Grouchy. Couldn't talk to your wife the WHOLE dinner. Just sat there glaring at me, other tables and yelling at the waitress. Complained about everything, too much ice, napkin was abrasive, fork wasn't bent right and food not right either. Now lets look at my table, talking with my family, Grace giggling, Evelyn all smiles, talking about fairies with Grace and Brad playing tic-tac-toe with Grace. Seems I am doing a good job, both kids are happy and are able to entertain themselves at a restaurant. I just need to work on feeding Evelyn faster.

I feel sorry for you Mr. Grouchy, I pray that when I am you age I can look at a family like mine and smile and remember those days. Remeber how hard they are, how long the nights are and then blink gone. Seems to me his needs to go back and read his bible about the judging thing, missed some key point there buddy!

Funny thing was I was worried about how loud she was, then one couple in our area was like I didn't even know there was a baby there. The 3 other couples were like she is fine, nothing that warrants leaving.

So Mr. Grouchy here is my wish for you... I hope that in every non-upscale place you eat, there is a kid sitting near you. I hope that it will teach you humility and consideration. I hope that your grandchildren really teach you that in public and that you learn to go with the flow and get out of your misery. Life is not worth being miserable all the time. I also hope that if we meet again you are REALLY ready to hear all that I want to say to you!  ha ha ha...  ;o)

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more Kelly! Friday's is NOT an upscale resturaunt, maybe he should try going to Cullen's or Perry's or Birreporretti's!!! If I was there I would have said something too!!!! Ticks me off too!!