My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moody Visit

A great thing about living so close to Galveston is:
  • We are close to the beach
  • Great seafood
  • Schlitterbahn water park is just about 35 minutes away
  • Moody Gardens and all their attractions.
We are Moody family members, that way I can take the girls to Palm Beach, the Aquarium and the Rainforest all the time. Plus there is always something new going on down there. A nice paddle boat to ride and Grace never tires of sitting in front of the large fish tanks and just watching. So we took the girls today, along with our niece and Brad's parents. Evelyn was finally old enough to enjoy the aquarium too. She spent a lot time with the Penguins today. Evelyn was so cute! She wanted to stand at the tank window and there was a nice Penguin that was just showing off. Every time it would swim off she would say, "Bye-bye." Too cute! She also tired to suck on the glass. I guess she was trying to kiss the Penguins, but who knows. Hopefully there weren't too many germs.  ;o)
Seals being fed.

scrunchy face...

Me, Cecil and Evelyn

My girls and I sitting in front of the seal tank.

Sofia and the Penguins

This little due was showing off for Sofia

Evelyn sucking on the glass

So excited to see the Penguins coming and going.

Waiting for our show off to swim back by.

Look at how tall all these girls are!

Touching a star fish

Still touching the star fis.

Grace was still enjoying touching the star fish. We were so excited that she wanted to do this.

Grammy and her two big girls in the tunnle.

This part is just amazing to sit under and watch.

Having fun

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