My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Block 5

I finally was able to get block 5 knocked out.  Well one of them at least.

I must say that I am really enjoying this pattern and all the new sewing techniques I have learned.

Only 3 more blocks to make and then I can begin to assemble this quit top. This quilt is a Christmas gift and I am so excited to give it to them.  ;o)

 I am SO proud. I mean SO proud of that center point.  Looks easy, but matching up HST points can be tricky. Thankfully through classes I have learned a few tricks to help you.

Took this picture with my mistake. I fixed it later. This is block 5, one of two. The other is in blues.

Hopefully once school gets under way I can pick and night and get back to a good sewing schedule. I very much DISLIKE not being able to sew all day.

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