My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creating a family heirloom

So for weeks now I have been working on a secret quilt for a very good friend of mine. This past fall her Grandfather passed away. Both her and her mother were very close to him. Emily spent some time in Alabama this summer and thought, I should make my mom a lap quilt with some of his shirts. He was a plaid man. And had a love for birds.

Now I have made quilts for others. Yes I should charge, but you know what? I have a skill that others don't and I ha love of giving handmade gifts. My payment for this quilt was an afternoon with Emily. I had her cut for me. I just had surgery and needed the help. I also got a new omnigrid square too! So I came out pretty good. I was talking to my Mother-in-law today as we quilted and I learned how to use the long arm, that sewing is relaxing.  When I have had a hard day at work, I enjoying coming home and sewing. Yes it puts strain on my back, but it puts me in a better mood.

Back to my point. I have wanted to share for weeks now this quilt and today I finally can!!!!

Today I was almost on my own. I am a learner by doing. So Marcia had me tell her how to run the long arm. The parts that I didn't know she lead the way. I found it very easy to use and not as intimidating as she looks. I am excited that I will get to spend more time learning. Oh I also made two sweet pillow cases and embroidered them.  Grace also made a purse today. Busy!?!?? Understatement, but a wonderful day. 

 Quilt all done. Just needs the binding put on.
 The back
 Up close of the pattern I chose.

Here are the pillow cases I made as gifts. The girls LOVED them.


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