My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What a couple of weeks!

Hello again,

Been gone for a week. Wish I had my camera with me right now so I could show you all the cuteness and craftyness that has gone on. But I am upstairs icing my foot. So they will have to wait.

Creative Arts Camp
Once again this year I helped with the sewing focus class at church. I love sewing with those kids. We teach 10 3rd-5th graders how to sew. We make bags or purses and boxer shorts. The girls and guys love it. Last week was the first time that I was able to walk. My goodness that hurt!!! Sew,  (hehe) while sewing I was starting to walk.

Family Reunion
Thursday we left for my husbands family reunion. I always enjoy going and seeing everyone. This year we had a house near the river in New Braunfels. Brad enjoyed some kid free and taking care of me time. He and my sister-in-law both with tubing with the family. They came back well rested to take care of us all.  ;o)

Every year we have washers tournament. I participated, even though it was difficult. It's a family tradition. Both Evelyn and Grace even took turns throwing washers. I didn't win this year, but had fun. I will say that I was VERY sore by that night.

This year I brought a craft for the ladies to do. We made Redneck Wine Glasses. We spent a good 2 hours just chit chatting and working on our glasses. By the end of the evening we had beautiful creations. (pictures will come later I promise!!)

  a few of the glasses I made. Also  few that I made as gifts once we got back in town.  E-6000 Glue. LOVE IT!

This week I headed back to school.  WAHH< yucky, blah!!!  I am teaching a jump start program this year. We are prepping students, giving them 3 weeks of review before we send them off to the next grade level. I am teaching the math section. It is just 4 hours each day, but worth it. Hopefully it is just what these kido's need to start off on the right tract in August.

So now I will go back to watching the Olympics and the suspense of the women's gymnastics team.

GO team USA!!!!!

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