My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Update in sewing room

Today i got out of the house. Went to Joann's, ate lunch with mom, bead store. A quick stop was also made at a fabric store, YIKES!

Any who after a nap, long one, where I basically passed out from my outing, I came downstairs and little fairies, (mom and Brad) worked in my sewing room!!!

 Very exited that my rulers are hanging on the wall. These are my favorites. Next to the big one, by this weekend will have my quilting design wall hung. It will be above the cutting table.

 Above, my scrapbooking shelves were stacked to create extra space here. Now I have a space to keep projects I am working on.

Right.  See the chair is gone!!  Right now my rolling thing is parked there, but see that plastic stacking shelf?  Well it will go in this spot.

Next to the window will have the peg board installed.
 Brad decided to buy white boards instead. They were a tad cheaper and I can write on them as well. The peg board will be installed and painted this weekend. Just need to fix that cord a little better. Cool thing now is my switch to turn those lights on is now under the table. Very reachable.
 Moved my thread holder and hung it on the wall. Brad hung my painting with a twist paintings and a sweet March of Dimes one that was made for Grace.

Thought I would show you what runs along the top of the wall, where the ceiling meets. These are a bunch of MOD awards, Art work and my Nora Jones concert things. Most of those and the CD's are signed. Kind of our cool wall.

So that is it for now. More to come!!!

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