My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What an afternoon!

  OH my what a day!

Pretty sure the girls and mom and I have cabin fever! Evelyn just didn't have a good today. Started out with her getting sick this morning. Followed by cuddles in bed with mommy. That was a nice part of the day! 

Mom and I were just enjoying trashy tv today.  (It was raining all day, flooding and well our lovely ABC 13 didn't even show Good Morning America.  We know it floods around here, we get it!!) One of my addictions when a sneaky little girl came down. she was patting what looked like wet hair.  "I fix it.... I pretty.. uh huu I fix it.  see?"  At first mom and I were apprehensive over what she had done.

1.Knew she had been in the bathroom.
2. Knew she had gotten into something.

I said mom "Smell her hair."  "No way!'" mom said.  So I did. Sweet, and when I touched it, sticky.  Evelyn what did you get into?  The pictures below show her reactions to that. 

SHAMPOO!! Grace just ignored Evelyn while she was in the bathroom making a nice little mess.  She EVEN put some in Grace's hair.  Grace still ignored her.  Goodness!

 No mommy!!!! I fix it!!!!

So my mom did what any of us would do. She picked up little bit and washed her hair.  I did what another good mother that just had foot surgery would do.  I laughed and took pictures of course!

 Evelyn looks a little scared.
 Down she goes!

 While we thought it funny, Evelyn didn't

Stop it Nanna!!!!  Mom is trying to not laugh. 

Mean while the dogs could have cared less.  We had interrupted one of their thousand naps.
 This is Ozzy, my parents Schnauzer
Chanel on the left and Mac on the right. Our cuties

 All cleaned out. Mom  got a little wet during the whole ordeal. See even mom is laughing!
Evelyn was wet too.  What an afternoon!!

Hope your day was as much fun as ours!!!


  1. I enjoyed this! Nanna and Evelyn are adorable! The doggies are sweet.

  2. Thank you! We laughed all afternoon about it.