My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to school.

Well today is one of those days when you enjoy getting it all done, BUT at the same time you just can't believe it is time to get it done.

I went to school today.  (da da dummmmm!)

Yup it was time to get the ole' classroom set up. I will be teaching a jump start program this year. It is for students that completed the grade and are moving one. We are giving them a "jump start" for the next grade level. Sort of a big review in 3 weeks.

I will begin my 10th year of teaching. I can't believe it! So I thought with it being the 10th yr, why not do something different in my room. I have pretty much had the same room arrangement for 9 yrs. What can I say? I am a creature of habit. I like what is comfortable. Since I spend most of my day in that classroom I want it to feel like home.  So I made a change.

I wanted more floor space. A bigger area to gather and learn lessons. A bigger area for my students to play the games and complete activities. I gathered 2 past students whom I LOVE! Some siblings of them, good friends kid and my husband. We knocked her out in just over 2 hours. 

So here is the the new room!!

Standing in the door way. This is looking to the left. Those extra desk will be moved out. Round table for my small groups and my desk behind it.

Still standing in the doorway looking to the center. I created a wall with all my book shelves. I love books!  Can ya tell? Over 800 to be exact. Behind the wall is a nice space. Plenty of room for the large cabinets to open and for people to walk by. This will be come my reward area. Students will earn the right to sit back there during read around the room. See all that space? Isn't is lovely?

Still standing in my door way.  Looking straight back. That stack of pillows is on my couch. Lots of room!!!

I have a weird decoration style. I teach Texas History and love the American Indian unit. So I have 6 large drawings I made of different tribes. All around the room there are rabbit furs, stick weaving's, American Indian art, and various pictures relating to American Indians, Missions and Texas History.  Oh and all my A&M stuff too.  ;o)

I hope I like the desk, always worry about that part. Here is to a new year!

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