My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My other machines

Since I posted about my new machine and highlighted my old.I felt bad that my other 2 ladies on

 I have a wonderful serger from Janome. A MyLock 634D. She is a workhorse. It was originally my Meme's and given to me in college. I would say it is about 20 yrs old now. I have made many Christmas presents on her. Napkins are a great and easy gift. Using the correct  thread and a rolled hem feature you are good to go. Other thing I like about this machine is that every now and the I catch a whiff of how Meme smelled. Chantilly Lace.


I also have a basic sewing machine. It was my first machine I owned. A great Christmas present from my parents with the help of my Aunt Sis. It is a Husqvarna Viking Sew Easy 350. I have had her for about 13 years now. Beautiful machine and the one I have begun to start teaching Grace on. Great for straight stitching. She also has decorative stitches. I have many many baby blankets and other neat gifts on her.

 You may ask why so many and do you really use them all? Well yes I do. Each machine does a certain job and does it well. There are things that I will only use each for. Just depending on what the project is. Now I use Red for most things, but some when sewing outfits and I need a thread change, it is easier to have both going. And always for clothing the serger just tidies up and stabilizes those seams.

It is nice to have such a collection at an early sewing age. I am VERY appreciative of all my machines and take good care of them. Most of them should last a lifetime, if not longer.

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