My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Block 2

I got busy today after my nap. Since my sewing room is coming along so well, it is really becoming an even better place to work in.

Tonight I was able to sew both blocks 2 and get to work on block 3.

 Here are both blocks for block 2. They are the "big" blocks. They came together very nice.

 Well for some reason blogger keeps rotating my picture!  ARG! But you still get the idea.  Here is what blocks 3 will look like. This was a lot for me tonight so I had to stop before putting them together.

I feel I have a good system going here. I sew 2 blocks. Then I cut out and sew the HST for the next two blocks, get it all laid out and stop for the night. Not bad for an hour of work. Building my stamina back up.

oops for got to show another reason why I love red!

Look at all this space!!!! I can keep my pattern close, scissors and and my "push" stick for thick seams.

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