My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Beach Vacation 2012 Day 1

Oh we are so excited to be at our time share. I know what you are thinking, time share?  Really?  But yes we do love ours! We have our home base in Galveston and it is a very nice resort with a full kitchen, nice huge bathroom and bedroom. We have the best view too. 5th floor, top floor facing the beach.

How did we get roped into this you might say, well we didn't really we wanted it. About 5 yrs ago we came down for one of those long winded sales thingies so we could earn a free week here. We fell in love. Ever since we have come every summer but 2 and every time it has been worth it. We have had friends and family come and they too enjoy it. What is even more exciting is the price tag isn't bad at all, or we would have NOT done it. Secondly next summer we are headed to Walt Disney World in Florida and our time share has a resort there.  So it won't cost us anything but chump change to have a room beg enough to sleep 6 and stay for a whole week.  Even my father was blow away at the how little it will cost us. 


Here are some pictures from our first day. As I type this now, Evelyn and her daddy our on the balcony enjoying the view and Gracie is coloring.

 Both of these are views from our balcony looking out towards the beach. This is Galveston

 Aunt Isa and cousin Sofia playing in the water today. They came down with Grammy for a visit and beach time.


Evelyn and Sofia enjoying a snack of chips after our time on the beach.
 The girls after a good nap and a yummy dinner. They still look a little tired. We are headed to the pool here in a bit. Hopefully they sleep great tonight!
Making sand castles with daddy. Lots of sand!

Do not worry this pale skinned girl is READY for the sun. I was worried about Evelyn today and the sun, but after her nap I noticed what I thought was red was really from the heat and she is already has a little tan going.  SO glad both girls got their daddies skin!!!


  1. ok... what part of Galveston did you go to... I can see the beach in your pics... the part we were at was COVERED in sea weed!!

  2. West beach. Our beach is cleaned by the resort and the pocket park next door. It is called escapes. But is being rebranded by next summer. Not sure of the new name.