My girls

My girls
Grace getting to hold her sisters hand for the first time.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sewing Machine!!!!

Ok so this week has been a good one. Don't get me wrong, BUT it has had some downers. Biggest one this week was my HUGE upset at seeing class. I loaded up my supplies, drove off the island and to class. Got my machine set up and running and sat down for the power point and video for the days lesson.

 When I headed back to my machine it did a funny, spazzy thing that after more than 15 years together I have come to know. So I just turned her off and went to visit. When I came back she wouldn't turn on. Gasp.....horror.....sickening feeling crept all over me. (Sorry practicing my fiction writing here. Got to get back in the groove before school starts.) I walked off and did this 3 more times. Nope she would humm but not turn on.

 As any good married lady would do I call Brad, tried to be brave and ended up crying like a baby. He felt bad, tried to calm me down. I took a deep breath and walked back to her. She turned on!!!!!!! But my dear friends she just didn't feel right. To my sewing friends you understand this. Tension was off, ect.

 Took her in Thursday to be serviced. Machine guy called me, well he said the issue is I can't get parts for her anymore. What!?!?!? Tears again. She isn't that old. Thing is she is an embroidery machine and the technology they used on her just isn't what they use today. Tears again. Mark my machine guy started to talk to me about trading her in. Her and I have been through so much, college, babies, we learned to quilt together. I have made countless outfits for the girls, myself, gifts for others. Trade her in!?!?! Slowly though Mark had me listening about the new line of machines I had to look forward to.

Good news is that a special person gave me an early gift and with my trade in value I will getting a new machine. She will more than likely become parts to help save other machines whoes insides are a bit better. I have been quilting and sewing with a Janome Memory Craft 9000' WONDERFUL machine. I will miss her I am sure. I have been reading, pouring over blogs,forums, and emailing loads of people. Here are the two beauties I am looking at.

My sweet companion. I will miss you dear!

Janome Horizon 7700QPC

Isn't she a beauty????

Lots of bells and whistles on her. Many things my current machine already has and many extra comforts that I had been looking at or working with Brad to figure out how we could adapt my current machine to have. She looks almost just like my Janome 9000, buttons are all in the same place and even opens up the same.

The 2nd machine I am looking at is Janome Memory Craft 6600P

She doesn't look like my 9000 but has the same insides. She is the step down from the one above.

Here are the ONLY big differences that I can see, well that effect me.

1. The 6600 does not have a free arm. Now I do have a Viking that I love that has a free arm. Would I get annoyed if I was making something for the girls and had to keep switching from machine to machine. Not sure to tell you the truth.

2.  Touch screen vs buttons. My 9000 is all touch screen. Not sure this is any kind of deal breaker really.

3. 7700 has 250 stitches and the 6600 has oh about 145 something. But that isn't a deal breaker to me either.

4. the 6600 does not have automatic tension. That is something that I am use to having. With 6600 my big learning curve will be learning to play with that knob on the front which is my tension.

So there ya have it. I will test drive them both on Monday and we will see who comes out the winner.

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