My girls

My girls
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Half-Square Tiriangle Block of the Month

One of my new adventures is to join and complete a quilt following a block of the month. I am very excited about this. This can take a LOT of cutting and sewing, but thanks to Marcia and her Longarm we have found a cool way to get all those half-square triangles and get a lot of them quickly. I will be joining Jeni and her Blog In Color Order. A very neat blog with all kinds of goodies. I am obviously behind but plan to catch up quick. In Jeni's Block of the Month she uses the half-square triangles and well take a look below at what Marcia's Longarm can help you accomplish!

 First we loaded the butter yellow and then in stages we added the other half fabric, face down, and let her machine sew out the pattern.
 This is at home with all the fabrics done. I think I have 6 in all.
And here ya have it. After cutting, I will show that tomorrow, I have 80, YES 80 half-square triangles ready to go. It was a snap!

This has been a SUPER, busy crafty and sewing kind of day. Just the kind I LOVE to have. On top of that I even cooked another pinterest meal for dinner. What's on the agenda for tomorrow you ask?  Well I will cut another section of my HST (half-square triangles). Get them all ironed out and stacked. Then I will try to sew at least 2-3 more rows of my Carousel quilt and I will also be completing a pinterest project for my classroom. Storage, cut and organized!!

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